Toronto Waterfront

Toronto has a lovely waterfront. I am always captured by the boats and the break wall.  Toronto_Waterfront-2Toronto_Waterfront-1

Week 7

You may or may not know I am a brewer. Here are a few shots from my early morning at the brewpub




Week 6

It’s been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry. I felt like I was posting for the sake of posting and not because I truly loved the photo.

So I took my pup for a walk down by the water and brought my film camera. Snapped this lovely shot on my phone in the process.


Week 5

This weeks is a bit easy but I snapped this shot last night and am quite pleased with it.


Week 4

I had the luxury of shooting wakestock in my hometown this weekend. Here are a few shots I snapped with my phone.




Week 3 iPhone Photo

This week I wanted to try some portraits. I set up a simple black background and shot my room mate and my old lady.



Weekly Phone Photograph(s)



Weekly Phone Photography

I am hoping to shoot and edit at least one photo a week all on my phone. I’ve been wanting to take more pictures and I am constantly amazed at what can be done solely with an iPhone.

Here is this weeks photo. A picture I took on my way to work riding the street car.


Europe Photo Gallery

This is for everyone that was too lazy or didn’t give a shit about reading my posts on Europe.

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Paris Round 2

We Landed. Took a train downtown and sorted out where our hotel was. We Grabbed some food then went back to the hotel with a bottle of wine and sorted out our next day.

We figured we would brave going to Versailles. We grabbed a train that was packed full of people. Two hours in line to get our tickets, we walked about this enormous palace and grounds. The opulence of this place is almost sickening. Feeling like I was walking around on a movie set rather than where someone used to live. The amount of work and expenses involved in created a building so rich in detail must have been astronomical. Amazed and overwhelmed we explored. Finding the residence of Marie Antoinette tucked in the back corner of the grounds. Equipped with its own farm and mini village. The farmers houses were something out of a dream for me. Fuck the palaces and mansions, I can’t even fathom living in a place like that nor would I want to. Give me a quaint cottage built by hand and I would die a happy man. Cue in the picture of the farm houses on Marie Antoinette’s grounds.

We headed back to the hotel with a bottle of wine, a baguette, cheese and some meats and relaxed and ate. After that we set out to have some more drinks. We went out searching for a street one of Jackie’s friends recommended us checking out. Not able to find it on the map, we wandered around aimlessly. We checked out the Eiffel Tower and decided to stop for a bottle of wine. Walking down some random street only to find out that it was the exact street the friend had suggested. We sat down at a Cafe and consumed a bottle of red. After people watching and the bottle of red, we set off back to the Eiffel tower now that it was night. After hanging out for a bit and taking pictures of this spectacular structure lit majestically, we set out home.

The next day we headed up to Montmartre. Determined to see the Moulin Rouge this time! We got off the subway and headed west. And there it was. I must say it was a bit of a let down. That being said it was something I had to do in my life. From there we walked around Montmartre then headed north for a swap meet/flea market that Jackie wanted to check out. After passing through some sketchy area with people trying to sell us every kind of knock off you can think of, we found the street. Walking around not really impressed, Jackie looked down an alley and there it was. Once down the alley we were in a labyrinth of shops and stalls selling all sorts of vintage stuff. After cruising around for a couple hours, we heading back downtown. We headed to the creators of the macaroons, Ladurée. Loaded up with a selection of macaroons, we headed to the rivers edge to people watch and eat our macaroons. Hungry and tired from the days excursions we headed home and grabbed a baguette, a couple bottles of wine, cheese, and meats and relaxed and ate and drank.

Day three we braved the Louvre. Not wanting to spend the whole day, we gave ourselves an hour and a half. First off the Mona Lisa. It was like being at a concert. People shoving people to get closer and closer for a better look. From there we went to the see Venus de Milo. Then up to see some Monet’s. Satisfied with what we had seen we headed for the exit which quite literally took up through the rest of the museum. Once we found our way out we headed to Angelina’s for lunch which consisted of a pot of the best hot chocolate in the world, a brownie for me and Ice cream for Jackie. After our “lunch” we walked about for a bit. Stopped off at the Notre Dame then some food. We then headed to the Eiffel tower for some daytime pictures. On our way we stopped of at a world famous Taxidermy  shop called Deyrolle.  Tired as hell, our last night consisted of yet more wine, cheese, meat and a baguette in bed at the hotel.

This is one of many Farmers Cottages on Marie Antoinette's personal grounds within Versailles

This is one of many Farmers Cottages on Marie Antoinette’s personal grounds within Versailles

Eiffel Tour at night Moulin Rouge Basilica of the Sacré Cœur The Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Notre Dame ParisIt’s been a month since I have been home…Europe I miss you!!